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Complete PreK-Elementary School Curriculum Package (20 Books)

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Price: $345.00

To purchase the Complete ARISE Social Skills for Pre-K Elementary School Curriculum Package with a purchase order, call TOLL FREE 1-888-680-6100 MON through FRI between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST or e-mail

Complete High School Package
Complete Middle School Package

Little By Little Pre-K(3-Book Series)

Me and My World
Keeping Me Safe and Healthy
My Character, Ethics and Emotions


Little by Little K-Grade 1(4-Book Series)

My Character, Ethics & Emotions
All About Me
Safety All Around
Art Activities and Puppet Plays


Life Skills for Young Folks: Grade 2-3(2-Book Series)

Life Skills for Young Folks, Vol. 1 Instructor’s Manual
Life Skills for Young Folks Vol. 1 Leaners Workbook
Life Skills for Young Folks, Vol. 2 Instructor’s Manual
Life Skills for Young Folks Vol. 2 Leaners Workbook


Child Safety Weekly Events: Grade 3-5 (2-Book Series)

Child Safety Weekly Events: Grade 3-5 Vol. 1
Child Safety Weekly Events: Grade 3-5 Vol. 2


Big Kids Book of Life’s Lessons: Grade 4-5 (2 Book Series)

Big Kids Book of Life’s Lessons Vol. 1 Instructor’s Manual
Big Kids Book of Life’s Lessons Vol. 1 Learner’s Workbook
Big Kids Book of Life’s Lessons Vol. 2 Instructor’s Manual
Big Kids Book of Life’s Lessons Vol. 2 Learner’s Workbook


Water is Precious – Eco-Home – Xeriscape Books (3 Book Series)

Water is life’s most precious commodity particularly when you consider that we are unable to drink gold, diamonds or greenbacks. Our responsibility as adults is ensuring that future generations have fresh unpolluted water. Our resources cannot be taken for granted. These beautifully illustrated books will play an important part in making sure every child is aware of how crucial our limited resources are to them personally and to their families.

This ARISE Life Skills three book Series teaches elementary school children all about conservation of our natural resources, particularly in their homes.

A series of three books teaching elementary school children about conservation in their home.


Our Promise to You

We guarantee every ARISE product. If you are not satisfied with any of our material at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not meet your satisfaction within 60 days of purchase, return it postage paid to ARISE for a full refund.

ARISE books are built to last

You be the judge. If during the first year of purchase an ARISE book is found to be defective in any way please return it and we will replace it free of charge.

On Line Training

We guarantee a full refund within 60 days of purchase as long as you have not entered the course. Once you enter the course, it is not eligible for a refund, regardless of status of completion.

Downloadable Purchases

Downloadable Purchases are not eligible for a refund. If at any time during the download, you experience a problem, please send ARISE an email or call us during business hours of 9am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday at TOLL FREE: 1-888-680-6100.

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