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Anger Management Package Life Skills for Middle School

Evidenced based life skills dealing with anger management for middle school aged youth

Save $148 off the regular price of $338!

Price: $189.95

This collection of our most popular anger management groups materials includes teaching guidelines, lesson plans, quizzes and assessments, answer keys, interactive activities and learner’s worksheets, motivational posters and a video—enough to keep your learners engaged for months.  See the links below for descriptions of each item.

This Special ARISE Anger Management Package for Middle School
Includes the following 5 ARISE Instructor Manuals as well as their associated Learner Workbooks
(A total of  8 books)

(click links below to get content information and prices to purchase additional copies)

ARISE Books:
ARISE Work in Progress Book 1: Anger Management
ARISE Brain Food Book 1: Peaceful Living
ARISE Brain Food Book 2: Creating a Positive Outlook
ARISE When There’s Trouble, Who Do You Call?
ARISE Life Isn’t Fair

ARISE Positivity Cards:
ARISE Positivity Card Deck

ARISE Videos:
Anger Management & Meditation, 10 minutes

ARISE Motivational Posters:
Friends Predict Future
Swearing Is Not a Competition
One Thought
Anger Is a Short Madness
Gangs Poster: Version 1

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