Because ARISE delivers proven strategies in plain, unadulterated English that enables youth to easily understand and retain all ARISE lessons for life to make lasting changes in their lives. From independent living skills to drop out prevention and anger management, ARISE Life Skills lessons engage youth and get the message through. What to watch for after the lessons? A new sense of wellbeing-engaged, motivated, positive attitudes.

Click any of the options below to see the extensive library of soft skills materials ARISE has developed over the last 25 years to teach these valuable skills to kids of all ages. Alternatively, you may want to click the form option and let us know your questions, concerns, and suggestions. Of course, we love to talk to people who share our passion so you can call us at 1-888-631-2021.

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THREE good reasons why ARISE strength focused Life Skills curricula are guaranteed to enhance your programs:

  1. Troubled youth who learn ARISE social and emotional skills do better academically, they are happier and better equipped to handle the anger and stress in their lives.
  2. ARISE group sessions provide early intervention which could divert troubled youth from the justice system.
  3. For the past 25 years ARISE has written and implemented an array of outcome-based SOFT SKILLS CURRICULA and life skills lesson plans designed to empower vulnerable, and underprivileged youth. ARISE curricula have NOT been written for youth whose parents treat them to skiing vacations in Vail during the winter.

ARISE life skills curricula and life lesson plans are designed to help foster qualities in at-risk youth such as anger and stress control, empathy, responsible decision-making, and optimism, along with the social and the emotional skills they need to lead smarter, healthier, and happier lives.



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We love speaking to those who share our passion for salvaging the lives of at-risk youth.


Jayme Rowe, Director-Juvenile Programs, The City of Norman, Oklahoma :

This letter is to place a second order for student workbooks for the City of Norman REAL Program. We recently completed the first year of our Life Skills program for juvenile offenders in the City of Norman, Oklahoma. This Program has been a resounding success and has earned positive reviews from prosecutors, educators, parents and even the juveniles
Carol Clark, Brevard Group Treatment Home:
The Arise curriculum has provided us with great support and resources to promote healthy changes in the population in which we serve. I as a Clinical Manager also rely a lot on many of your workbooks during individual sessions. The Arise program has been a great asset and utilized weekly.
Kenneth Cecil, Clinical Manager, Department of Public Welfare:

We recently started using the Anger Management and Violence & Conflict curricula in two of our facilities. Both the staff and youth involved in these groups report overwhelmingly positive experiences from the sessions. Our youth are more engaged in these groups with higher levels of participation. We are very pleased with the ARISE format and the ongoing support that we have received after our initial training.



ARISE is a non-profit, established in 1986, that provides a rich assortment of time tested, evidence based life skills curricula for at-risk youth as well as training for their care givers. We have developed programs that focus on the priceless advice parents and grandparents once shared as families sat around the kitchen tables at the end of the day.
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