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Pregnancy Prevention for At-Risk Teen Girls is a Teachable Life Skill

March 31, 2014

TV Lowers Birthrate (Seriously) Read the  Op-Ed article from the New York Times, 3/20/2014 indicating the TV program “16 and Pregnant”, a reality show on MTV has helped reduce teen pregnancy. It is important to prevent teens from becoming pregnant because: Parenthood is the leading reason teen girls drop out of school Less than 2% […]

Coping With Stress – A Crucial Life Skills Lesson

March 1, 2014

The workplace is a likely source of stress for many people. The following are some simple steps to follow. Obviously this will be of benefit on the job and certainly in your personal life.  Coping With Stress in Criminal Justice Careers or Other Stressful Environments ARISE developed their extremely successful Drop it at the Door […]

If You Want to Help At-Risk Youth This is For You

February 5, 2014

It’s not easy to offer support to troubled youth. Often they feel they know it all and don’t want or need help. Off-putting anti-social behavior keeps those capable of offering assistance at a distance. Essential ingredients in helping at-risk youth: A caring adult capable of building trust, devoting time to listen to their frustrations by […]

10 Things to Remember about Conflict Resolution, brought to you by ARISE Life Skills & Training

January 13, 2014

Anger management and conflict resolution are a big part of the innovative WORK IN PROGRESS series. This series, like all the ARISE lessons, are interactive, dynamic and anything but boring! Work in Progress also features lessons on: drug prevention, peer pressure, alcohol abuse, gun safety, violence and domestic abuse and sexual abuse:

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