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Master Trainer Joliett Vega surrounded by her trainees in Miami

YMCA Instructors attend the ARISE Life Skills Instructor training in Miami!

September 19, 2016

On September 10, ARISE Master Trainer Joliett Vega-Klusevsek conducted a two hour workshop for 22 Miami, Florida area YMCA group instructors.  The workshop was well attended and the trainees were thrilled with the results!  As Joliett mentions: “They LOVE ARISE!” When asked what they liked most about the workshop, some of the comments we heard […]

From left to right: (Campus Lead Jacquie Fraser, Night Security Staff Miosotis Colon, Cottage Parent Randall Sheley, Campus Floater Tony Sykes, Cottage Floater Michael Owens, and Cottage Parent Jessica Sheley)


September 8, 2016

Blog by Lindford Hayes, HOFYR– This photo was taken during the recent Heart of Florida Youth Ranch (HOFYR) Facilitator’s Class# 3-2016.  Lindford Hayes, Program Director and ARISE Master Trainer, held a 4-day facilitator’s training class at the Bowen Auditorium in Citra, Florida.  The training was very unique in that they have merged The ARISE Curriculum […]


Conversations Behind Razor Wire— Interviews with Incarcerated Gang Members

September 7, 2016

  For its  book “GANGS”, filled with stories about the dangers of gang life, ARISE Foundation interviewed several incarcerated young gang members about their experiences. As part of its mission to write life skills curricula that is authentic and realistic, ARISE founder Edmund Benson went to a juvenile correctional facility  and sat down with several young […]


Gainesville Police Department Hosts ARISE 2-day Life Skills Instructor Training!

August 12, 2016

Blog by Su Sigrist The ARISE 2-Day Life Skills Training, hosted at the progressive Gainesville Police Department on August 2nd and 3rd, featured an additional training element in preparation for the upcoming school year.  In attendance were the Principal, Assistant Principal, and 15 Teachers from A. Quinn Jones – a local alternative school – plus three School […]


How to Include ARISE in the Grants You Write

June 6, 2016

We want to help you take advantage of the curriculum we have developed. Although we do not make grants, we offer evidence-based, award-winning life-skills curricula for at-risk youth, staff training, comprehensive reporting and data collection that are guaranteed to enhance your application and impress prospective granters. ARISE professional staff are standing by to assist you […]


Taneka’s Tales: Urban Fables

May 5, 2016

Everyone loves a good story. Stories are memorable. They inspire empathy, encourage imagination and have the capacity to be great teaching tools. Most kids and teens have trouble sitting still for lecture, but they will gladly listen to a story. Tell them a good tale, and you teach life skills through a “side door” in their mind. Taneka’s […]


At-Risk Youth Turned Around For Pennies Per Child

April 10, 2016

You might be surprised to learn that less than $1.00 can buy a new direction and new hope for at-risk kids. An ARISE Group session consisting of up to 15 youth costs pennies, per child, per session – and once your staff is trained  they can go on to share these life-altering evidence based techniques proven to turn troubled […]


Family Tools Training Helps Build Healthier, Happier Homes

February 22, 2016

After creating more than 100 books on the Life-Skills youth need to become productive members of society, the ARISE Foundation has developed a unique training experience especially for parents and families. ARISE Family Tools is a 12-session jump start to a healthier, happier family. Each 90-minute lesson is interactive: there are no lectures in ARISE […]


Advice from Mom: 10 Pearls of Wisdom

February 7, 2016

Being a mother is hard work. You dispense hard-learned advice just to have it ignored most of the time. Only once your children have grown, made their own mistakes and had their own triumphs, do they realize exactly how valuable your advice was. These are 10 “pearls of wisdom” collected by the ARISE Foundation over their nearly 30 years […]


Teaching & Motivating Youth with ADHD/ADD and Learning Disabilities

January 18, 2016

  Building a rapport with a learning-disabled, frustrated child or teen starts with tailoring your teaching style to their special needs. ADHD/ADD is a neurological disorder that impacts individuals in four main categories: Attention: youth with ADHD/ADD have trouble paying attention and focusing on tasks, especially if they are not interested in them. Impulsivity: lack […]

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