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ARISE & Independent Living

ARISE helps young adults, ages 17-21, prepare to live independently and become productive members of society. ARISE’s life-skills program assists young adults in making a successful transition to responsible, independent adulthood. Enable your residents with practical easy to absorb independent living skills using the highly regarded ARISE life skills curricula. Young adults aging out of foster care, living in group homes or out-of-home placement, and homeless shelters are in need of everyday life-skills in order to live on their own. The ARISE life-skills curriculum helps these young adults with emotional development addressing problems such as poor social skills, few positive relationships, and low self-esteem. The lessons deal with many issues relevant to independent living, such as finding and keeping a job, money and time management, making healthy choices, and more.

Since 1986, ARISE has published award-winning educational material written in plain, understandable English that is relevant to low income, at-risk young adults. ARISE offers a variety of proven life-skill lessons that will provide those aging out of foster care the foundation they need to achieve in their personal and work lives. ARISE curriculum focuses on independent living, personal growth, employ-ability, and life skills. We have compiled below a reference list to demonstrate how ARISE materials fulfill Independent Living Skills.

In addition, we have put together a Special ARISE Independent Living Curriculum Package for $390 to help independent living facilities compile helpful beneficial ARISE life skills materials.

Special ARISE Independent Living Package

Guaranteed easy-to-teach and understand. You now have the unique opportunity to assemble your own ARISE life-skills library at a fraction of the normal retail price, allowing you to add structure to your program.

Special ARISE Independent Living Package Includes the following 21 ARISE Instructor Manuals

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ARISE Work In Progress Book 1: Anger Management
ARISE Work In Progress Book 2: Substance Abuse and Guns
ARISE Work In Progress Book 4: Violence and Conflict
ARISE So You’re Thinking of Dropping Out of School
ARISE Four Wheel Drive for the Mind Book 1: Self-Esteem
ARISE Four Wheel Drive for the Mind Book 2: Learning Strategies and Time Management
ARISE Four Wheel Drive for the Mind Book 3: Networking, Jobs, and Money
ARISE Basic Health 101 Book 1: Health and Hygiene
ARISE Basic Health 101 Book 2: Nutrition and Exercise
ARISE Brain Food Book 1: Peaceful Living
ARISE Brain Food Book 2: Creating a Positive Outlook
ARISE Brain Food Book 3: Supercharging Your System
ARISE Brain Food Book 4: Being Safe
ARISE Brain Food Book 5: More Secrets of Success
ARISE Brain Food Book 6: The Right Stuff and Money Matters
ARISE Taneka’s Tales, 31 Stories of Urban Life
ARISE Sprouts Book 2: Physical and Emotional Development
ARISE Sprouts Book 3: Building a Family and Teen Pregnancy
ARISE Sprouts Book 4: Child Safety
ARISE Fatherhood: Dad’s Basic Training
ARISE Rules of the Road

You will also receive the book below absolutely free when you order this money saving package:

ARISE Brain Food: Official Teaching Activity

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Complete Package: $ 390.00